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What are the servers rules?
DiversityCraft's Rules are very straight forward and relaxed. We want players to have a safe but enjoyable play to play Minecraft with others. In order to do this we have the following rules. These rules apply to both Discord and In-Game.
  1. No Griefing or Stealing (Inside or outside of player claims).
  2. No Spamming.
  3. No Advertising.
  4. No Trolling.
  5. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items.
  6. Respect all Players and Staff Members.
  7. Do not use any slurs. 
  8. Staff get final say in all decision. If you feel like you have been wronged by a staff member please reach out to an Admin+ privately. 
  9. No Racist or Sexist Remarks
  10. No Mods/Hacks (Unless in approved list found Here).
  11. Keep building worlds clean How to get to building worlds VS Resource Worlds
  12. No Towering.
  13. No Trapping Players.
  14. No Scamming Players
Rules are subject to change. We will announce any changes as we see fit.