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What are Player Warps?
Player Warps are Town or Player Shop warps that other players can teleport to easily by using the command /pws once you have run the command it will bring up all the player warps that exist. Hover over each time to see what shop it is and click to teleport to that shop.

How do I Create a Player Warp?
To start you need to look at the following rules for the Player Warps. If your warp does not meet the specified rules at any point your shop may be locked or removed from the servers player warp list.
  1. You must at all time have 12 unique items for sale and in stock at your shop.
  2. You shop must be safe. This means no traps, and no mobs that can kill.
  3. Your shop MUST be claimed. To check if all of your shop is claimed right click with a stick around your shop.
  4. If your shop is within 100 blocks of another player shop warp then you cannot setup a warp.
  1. You must have at LEAST 5 Residents in your town.
  2. You must have a safe town hall for players to warp to that is claimed and well lit.
These rules may change at any time. Warning will be given ONCE before the warp is taken down.

To set your warp go to the block where you want players to teleport to and type /pwarp set <name> This command will set the warp at your current location and take $500 in game as a fee of setting your player warp.

Once your player warp is set you have a few things you can do with your warp to attract players. The first of which is changing the item that your warp shows up when players do /pws. To change the item place in your hand the item you want to switch and do /pwarp setitem <your warp name>
After that its done!
You can also change the description / lore of you warp in the GUI by doing /pwarp setlore <your warp name> <What line (1-3)> <Description / Lore>

Now your warp is open and ready for players to come and visit!